Dinu Comendant

Who: A human being or a failien (failed alien). Whoever I am , I am proud of it 🙂
What: I am the local hairdresser/psychotherapist apprentice/plant caretaker/artist.Alternating between all these… and more.
Why: Because it brings me joy and it is a way I am dealing with the world; my contribution to the market of civilization and I also like plants.
Favourite colour: Sagy grey-green with thick rusty-amber strokes
Inspiration: Nature, people, sounds, smells, colours, crystals, metals, feelings, herbs, witches, mystics, philosophers, poets, dreams … pretty much everything .

What do you like most about being human?
That i can feel and dive deep into those feelings. That I am a social being. That I am pleasure driven but can still look deep into suffering. That I have empathy and compassion.

What’s your favourite object?
the Sun