Ahmad Naffory

Who: Ahmad Naffory, Syrian artist living in Amsterdam, born 1989 in Damascus, studied fine arts in Damascus university and graduated in 2012 and music in Beirut conservatoire, I am a musician, composer as well as painter.
What: Painting and practicing and jamming with others, teaching guitar and art projects.
Why: To be in balance.
Favorite colour: Depends on the time and how i feel but i could say BLUE
Inspiration: Everything nature, human, war, animals, music, art …………

When was the last time you cried?
Yesterday night

What do you like most about being human?
It’s really difficult to answer because I have never tried to be something else. Maybe I would prefer to be a tree at least I don’t need to leave my home and be a refugee or migrant somewhere else or bird no one ask me about my passport meanwhile crossing the world or an idea (it’s hard to die) stone …
any way maybe being an artist.