Hugo Boccara

Who: I am a hardworking American.
What: In my family, everyone is a musician. We all had to play something. For me, the drums. In 2009, I moved to Canada. I couldn’t take the drums with me. But I had a computer so I started making computer beats. Next to the place I lived in Montreal, in 2013, there was a place called Radio Hozvep, it was held by a Greek Armenian, he was a radio engineer in the Greek Air Force, Mr. Hozvep. Radio Hozvep sells lots of old circuits. I started messing around with the old circuits, creating little machines: the garbage delay, the fuck box, the cigarette reader, the fuck box mkii . At some point, I thought “Why am I messing around with these garbage circuits from the 60s?” and I started saving up for modules to build my very own modular synthesizer with circuits made by people who know what they’re doing. I made money by working in a bar in the Mile End that had no name, I was a barback, we had to wear black blazers and bow ties. The boss at the end of the shift, if you were unlucky, he would ask you to come at the back, mind you it’s about 4-5am now, and he goes on and on about how we should write a new New Testament. Anyway, I made enough money to build my modular synthesizer and I brought it with me at Lola Luid, I play around with it there.
Why: Well why not, I’m not hurting anybody. As long as they don’t hear what comes out of it.
Favourite colour: Green.
Inspiration: Vertigo.

What do you like most about being human?
You can do a lot of stuff. I went running this morning. I’m writing this email now. I’ll eat later. It’s a fun time.

What’s your favourite object?
Well this changes but right now, I got a new phone so I’m gushing over it.

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