Eloïse Dieutegard

Who: I’m Eloïse an artist and silversmith
What: At Lola Luid I work at the same time on my visual artistic practices and jewellery making.
Why: I can’t do either one or the other. I like to shift from big scale to small. I do a lot of research that results into sculptures, it’s a way for me to understand and translate the world we live in. And I make jewellery as a love for craft, there is always something to discover with it and also the pleasure to make things for people. Learning the traditions of making, historically, socially and technically is so important and I like the idea of keeping the tradition.
Favourite colour: The color of rocks (yes there is a lot but it’s so nice)
Inspiration: I think sciences and physics are my main interests. How and why things grow, melt, live, cook, flow… I always have to understand their systems or the science behind it. Also cooking (which has been my side job for quite a while now) inspires me a lot, I like to think about the kitchen as a little lab, and the best is when you share it with people.

What do you want to be in your next life?
mmmm There are so many things I would love to do but won’t have the time in one life. I think being an astronaut is quite a cool thing. I also discovered the profession of Space Architect and I love it. Maybe a Space Gardener would be my next goal then.

What’s your least favourite means of transport?
Maybe the bus I take when I go see my family in France. It is super tight even with my small legs, can’t imagine how tall people feel.


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