Anatol Itten & Luuc Brans

Wie: We are a team of three, Luuc, Larissa (which is not on the picture, because she is currently working in Copenhagen) and Anatol. We’ve shared an office in the Social Sciences spheres of the University of Amsterdam and decided that we should begin a social start-up besides our work in academia.
Wat: We founded the Disrupted Societies Institute (DISI) as a start-up think tank to better understand the forces behind disrupted, or as you will, divided societies. More importantly, we work on mechanisms that reconnect people who have drifted into polarized camps. For example, we invented a workshop format that helps in bridging divisions across very different groups. We also collaborate with digital platforms to improve their online dialogues.
Waarom: Because life is better when you have a good conversation instead of shouting at each other when you disagree. Honestly, we believe that the problem of polarization is not going away that soon, so be better find ways to deal with it productively and not destructively.
Lievelingskleur: Luuc: British racing green / Larissa: Moss green / Anatol: Cyan
Inspiratie: The colleagues in Lola are always a great deal of inspiration.

What superpower would you like to have?
Luuc: Flying
Larissa: Talking to animals
Anatol: Time manipulation

When was the last time you cried?
Sometimes this world makes you too numb to cry, but good movies do the trick.

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